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Finding Gifts For Dad Means Getting To Know Him

Finding gifts for dad means getting to know him well. Most kids have three occasions each year to give their dad gifts. Those occasions are Father’s Day, his birthday, and Christmas for those that celebrate and practice the day. Birthday and Christmas ideas are not always as hard as Father’s Day, but how many times can you bail yourself out with gift cards? Some people hate giving gift cards because it makes them look indecisive. Others hate getting them. Many do not mind giving them or getting them, but gifts are supposed to be gifts, not just throwing money at someone that has to be spent at one particular place.

Choosing gifts for dad can be hard, because the many companies that make retail merchandise rush out advertisements for things that men supposedly want. As each June rolls up on the calendar, notice the commercials and online banners for neckties, power tools, and golfing gear. But, what do you do if your dad doesn’t wear suits, build things, or ever hit the links? If you know he is into something else, like triathlons, you might actually be okay with a gift card to a sporting goods store. He can get equipment and gear towards that passion, and you can avoid a bad gift if you know nothing about triathlons.

Giving your dad a gift that is a generic ‘manly’ thing might even hurt his feelings a little bit. It’s likely he would act grateful for the gift, but inside he might be a little wounded that you could not think of anything better. Such gifts are fine from young kids and even teenagers that have not learned any better yet, but if you are an adult, you should know your father well enough to get good gifts for him. And when in doubt, just ask your mother.

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