When to seek mental health treatment

Many of you have wondered, when should I see a mental health counselor? This is exactly the topic that we will be covering today. We will be discussing situations in which you should see someone for help.

Experiencing a sudden loss
Have you recently experienced a sudden loss? A sudden loss, for example, could be lost with job, loss of a loved one, retirement, or any other major life change that causes a shift. If this occurs and you find yourself having a negative reaction that is prolonged and that you’re having trouble coping with, it may be a good idea to consult a mental health professional.

Feeling depressed
Depression is not just feeling down or blue. You can also be lack of motivation, poor appetite, poor sleep, feeling angry all the time and many more symptoms. If you’re having any negative feelings that are resolving on her own overtime, please make an appointment today with someone that can help.

Here’s what a therapist office looks like: https://plus.google.com/photos/118438306796596677135/albums/6265416329202923665/6276841060245863330?pid=6276841060245863330&oid=118438306796596677135

We hope this article give you more insight into the many reasons to see him at the health professional. If you are looking for a Sylvania Ohio Psychologist, click the link for more info!

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